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    14. I’m not passionate about my mouthwash

    Mike and Miriam discuss the importance of a business or brand having a website, when to have an app, Zuckerberg's congressional testimony, and simple steps to trim down and be healthier.

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    12. "School to arm kids with buckets of rocks"

    Mike and Miriam talk about the Stormy Daniels controversy, gun control marches and technology’s role in driving movements, and how cities should consider subsidizing ride sharing services.

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    9: My car can go 300mph

    Mike and Miriam talk about invisible shields, Spotify, music industry royalties, Apple HomePod and more.

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    8: Go park yourself, car

    Mike and Miriam talk about cars that park themselves, Uber etiquette and backlash at Snapchat's controversial redesign.

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    7: I don't want to talk about crypto

    Mike and Miriam talk about Bitcoin vs Ethereum, Facebook's hellish two years, and government's role in regulating social media.

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    5: Living in the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    Apple’s HomePod, Miriam visits Amazon’s new cashier-less convenience store, magnetic eyelashes and the differences between how men and women get ready, how to tastefully promote your projects to people.

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