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    8: Go park yourself, car

    Mike and Miriam talk about cars that park themselves, Uber etiquette and backlash at Snapchat's controversial redesign.

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    7: I don't want to talk about crypto

    Mike and Miriam talk about Bitcoin vs Ethereum, Facebook's hellish two years, and government's role in regulating social media.

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    5: Living in the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    Apple’s HomePod, Miriam visits Amazon’s new cashier-less convenience store, magnetic eyelashes and the differences between how men and women get ready, how to tastefully promote your projects to people.

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    4: The sock relevancy continuum

    Mike reviews his new Allbirds sneakers, David Letterman interviews Barack Obama, Miriam drops knowledge on budgeting and long term investment strategy.

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    1: I have my sanity back

    Apple slows down old iPhones, where passion comes from, Social Credit in China