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    17. I can’t imagine a world where football beats Fortnite

    Mike & Miriam discuss sports betting and the related federal ban that was over turned as well as Esports scholarships and the future of all sports. On the second half of the show, learn great tips for hiring and on-boarding in a startup or small business, the future of remote hiring and what type of compensation is most appropriate.

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    16. It's a strange quirk of mine

    Today on Foxhole, we discuss the epic, season 2 episode 1, premiere of Westworld and what's possible with AI (artificial intelligence). We also discuss Southwest Airlines and their brilliant response to the latest tragedy but why customer service is such an important metric.

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    15. Step away from the computer

    Mike and Miriam talk hot topics - air travel, Tesla, taxes, Stormy Daniels and YouTube. And don't miss the second half of the show, where they give you insight into best practices for successful email marketing - it's easier than you think!

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    14. I’m not passionate about my mouthwash

    Mike and Miriam discuss the importance of a business or brand having a website, when to have an app, Zuckerberg's congressional testimony, and simple steps to trim down and be healthier.

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    12. "School to arm kids with buckets of rocks"

    Mike and Miriam talk about the Stormy Daniels controversy, gun control marches and technology’s role in driving movements, and how cities should consider subsidizing ride sharing services.

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    9: My car can go 300mph

    Mike and Miriam talk about invisible shields, Spotify, music industry royalties, Apple HomePod and more.

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    8: Go park yourself, car

    Mike and Miriam talk about cars that park themselves, Uber etiquette and backlash at Snapchat's controversial redesign.

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